ShipShapes: The mail you can't ignore


ShipShapes gives you a powerful array of optional tools to increase the effectiveness of your promotion.

Snap-off business cards
Give your prospects a sturdy business card that will stand out of the crowd.
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Stand-up Point of Purchase Displays
Give your brand a stage to shine on with bendable tabs for table tents and displays.
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Variable printing
Customize your message to addressees depending on their location or other attributes.
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Enable automated tracking of redemptions and responses.
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Attached sample packets
An attention-getting way to put your product in the hands of potential customers.

Glued/Adhesive Magnets or BREs
Get your ShipShapes into homes and keep them there with the staying power of magnets.

Attached cards or envelopes
Let your imagination run wild with things you can piggyback on our ShipShapes products.
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