"This was a fun, new offer that we hadn't done before. We believe that the irregular shape of the Krispy Kreme Customized MarketMail Direct Mail piece, coupled with the high quality image of our Original Glazed doughnuts, made for very excited customers and employees, and led to the very high response rates that we witnessed with this test mailing."

Amy Inabinet
Marketing Manager
Great Circle Family Foods

ShipShapes™ Offers a Whole New Playing Field for Advertisers

ShipShapes - the next generation ad media - gets more immediate response than direct mail, is more engaging than print or broadcast media and more enduring but far less expensive than a high frequency print or broadcast ad run.

With customer engagement scores off the charts, ShipShapes delivers your message with maximum impact: Basically, we're talking about high-impact, non-rectangular, die-cut dimensional direct mail - without an envelope. That's what ShipShapes delivers to your marketing plan, and how ShipShapes can drive your response rate. Advertising is all about engagement, and ShipShapes engage the audience like nothing before.

Now you have the freedom to let your imagination run wild and take any shape you can dream up with state-of-the-art lithography and up to three-quarters of an inch thick. This is direct mail that builds brands and excitement, that people keep and show to others. Imagine the impact, and the response rate.

Better yet, don't imagine it, see for yourself. We'll be happy to show you how we can take care of the whole process from prepress to post office delivery. One source, one stop, one amazing new promotional tool!

ShipShapes direct mail pieces have won numerous awards.
  • PII Best in Show Award 2007 - Printing Industry IL/IN Assn.
  • Out of the Box Award 2006 - National Postal Forum USPS
  • Echo Award 2005 - DMA
  • Out of the Box Award 2004 - National Postal Forum USPS
  • Mercury Excellence Award 2004
  • Sabre Award 2003 - B2B Marketing New Product

Why not pick up a little acclaim for yourself? Join the ranks of those who have already made a splash with ShipShapes.

ShipShapes can be as big 12 x 15"x 0.75" - about the size of a large manila envelope.

ShipShapes is classed as Customized Market Mail, which gets delivered faster than first class mail. We drop-ship ShipShapes to any of the 37,000 USPS DDUs, as your mail list requires, so they are delivered in 2 to 4 days, tops. This gives you the added advantage knowing when your audience receives your message. ShipShapes works great all alone, but don't forget that it lifts the response rate of your follow up direct mail and telemarketing as well.

A CMM campaign truly captures the recipient's attention, and is most economical with localized or heavy zip code saturation mailings. At about two to four times the cost of conventional direct mail, ShipShapes typically delivers five to fifty times greater response, revenue and ROI.
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