"We're always searching for innovative ways to integrate our message so that consumers receive it from all different angles. This direct mail effort helped bolster our bottom line during the holiday season, and the experience has only strengthened our belief in the power of direct mail, when successfully integrated with other marketing mediums. We think that direct mail is the right channel for a new wave of marketing to consumers."

Carlos Lopez
Marketing Director
Supra Telecom

Bright Brands Use MetalMail

We've developed an attention-grabbing postcard with a shiny twist! MetalMail™ has a metallic coating that glimmers with your message! Plus, MetalMail’s attention-grabbing polish is available at the same low postage rate as a postcard, making it a bright choice for bright brands.

MetalMail features:
  • Unmistakable shine
  • Low postage rates
  • Variable printed text
  • Tear-out coupon, ticket or BRC

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