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Case Studies

See how others have profited from ShipShapes

We have set forth below some of the details we get from our clients and their ad agencies about the performance of our ShipShapes. Keep in mind that many advertisers are reluctant to broadcast the results of their promotions for their competitors to see and emulate. However, some have had such amazing outcomes with ShipShapes that they have agreed to allow us to reveal a glimpse of the kind of results that are possible with ShipShapes.

33% Response Rate with Mailer using BRM

Industry: Retail/Sporting goods
Objective: Generate vendor awareness for new website
Mailer: ClearCard with Business Reply Mail attachment

Notes: The Topps card company turned to ShipShapes when it needed a way to generate vendor awareness around a brand new consumer website, The stunning ShipShapes ClearCard mailer featured an electric Business Reply Mail offer and earned a 33% response rate! Of the 1376 they mailed, 456 Business Reply Mail pieces full of contact info from interested vendors were sent back in to Topps!

49% Response Rate to Sports Team Ticket Promotion

Industry: Professional Sports
Objective: Acquire season ticket customers
Mailer: Peel-out ClearCard

Notes: Nearly half of the recipients of the ShipShapes ClearCard direct mail piece featuring one of the NBA team's players called in based on the call to action on the mailer. A total of 50,000 plastic post cards featuring a peel-out image of a star player were sent out. The success of the campaign resulted in a second mailer of another star player totaling 75,000 pieces.

Best ROI and 320% Lift for New ISP Subscribers

Industry: Telcom
Objective: Acquire ISP subscribers
Mailer: ShipShapes CMM, ClearCard

Notes: Four direct mail campaigns promoting the same offer in different formats were closely monitored for response. The ShipShapes ClearCard obtained by far the highest ROI, and the ShipShapes CMM had a 320% lift in response over the card stock post card version.

14% CPG Coupon Redemption Rate

Industry: Beverage
Objective: Acquire trial consumers
Mailer: ShipShapes CMM with snap-off, bar-coded coupon

Notes: The advertising agency and organization behind the unique shaped post card mailer won over their target market, as well as industry experts. Featured at the 2006 National Postal Forum, the ShipShapes CMM piece expressed the value of mailing without an envelope and printing on plastic. More than 14% of the 500,000 coupons on the ShipShapes direct mail pieces were redeemed. Amazing in an industry accustom to between one and two percent response rates.

ShipShapes Delivers 3 Times the Response Rate Over Control Piece

Industry: Food & Beverage
Objective: Redemption of coupon for free trial of product
Mailer: CMM

Notes: The direct mail pieces provided the same offer with similar creative. Each piece had a removable redemption coupon for recipient to receive a free 700ml bottle of product. The coupons contained a bar code and source code. It was a B-to-C mailing. The ShipShapes CMM piece achieved the highest coupon redemption rate at 14% and an outstanding lift of 36% over the Card Stock CMM piece was recorded. The client repeated the ShipShapes CMM campaign the following summer with response rates again exceeding 14%.
Direct Mail Piece Redemption Rate
#10 Envelope & Card 5.7%
Card Stock CMM 10.3%
ShipShapes CMM > 14%

Doubled Average Total Revenue per Transaction

Industry: Clothing Retail
Objective: Redemption of coupons
Mailer: ClearCard & CMM

Notes: The retail client is a repeat success story of ShipShapes unique direct mail pieces utilizing multiple mail campaigns throughout the year. Always on the cusp of innovative marketing, their marketing department sends out both CMM and ClearCard campaigns. Each mailing targets the top 30% of their client base. They continue to see an increase in redemption rates and average total revenue per till. In all scenarios, the ShipShapes mailer retrieved between a 1.75 to 3.0 times lift against the control piece.
Direct Mail Piece Offer Redemption Rate Revenue/Purchase
ShipShapes CMM 20% Off Over $75 2.40 % $110
ShipShapes CMM 40% Off 1 Item 1.55 % $244
ShipShapes ClearCard 3 Coupons 20% Off 2.62 % $158

$16.5 Million in Car Sales with $100,000 Invested in Direct Campaign

Industry: Automotive
Objective: New car purchase
Mailer: ClearCard

Notes: Conducted as a Tier 2 automotive advertising campaign, the ShipShapes ClearCard direct mail piece was sent to 125,118 households. The dealership group sent the piece as a B-2-C advertisement. The ClearCard was directed towards individuals who were previous or current owners of the make and model vehicle being promoted. The automobile had been redesigned. The manufacturer was promoting the features and benefits of the vehicle. A call to action of conducting a test drive was the secondary objective of the campaign with a new car purchase as the primary objective. Recipients were encouraged to visit their local dealer and access the manufacturer's web site for additional details.
Action Total Redemption Rate
Test Drive Vehicle 1,193 0.95%
Purchase Vehicle per Mailer 331 0.26%
Purchase Vehicle per Test Drive 331 27.75%

Average Catalog Order Revenue Up 475%

Industry: Retail - parts & equipment
Objective: 10% discount on one product line
Mailer: ClearCard

Notes: The household parts and equipment provider traditionally sent out 16+ page 4/4 color catalogues and flyers. The direct mail pieces provided a 10% discount on one product line. The offers were very different, as were the results. Catalogs provided various offers with tag lines including "cheaper prices" and "10% discount on next order". Response rates for the catalog mailers were consistently falling, and the owner was looking for a new approach to get the results he was seeking. ShipShapes outperformed all other mail campaigns over the last seven years. The client is repeating the ShipShapes CMM campaign again this fall.
Direct Mail Piece Quantity # Orders Avg $/Order Net OH Contrib.
16 Page full color cat. 36,500 570 $200 $8320
16 Page full color cat. 36,500 350 $200 $0
ShipShapes ClearCard 19,000 130 $1,152 $22,910

6 Times the Response over Traditional Direct Mail Campaigns

Industry: Automotive
Objective: Redemption of coupons
Mailer: ClearCard

Notes: A substantial direct agency has experienced continued success with ongoing ClearCard direct mail campaigns at a Tier 3 automotive advertising level. Individual dealerships incorporate a removable coupon as incentive in the B-2-C mailing. The ClearCards incorporate a scored and removable area used as a call to action take away piece. Coupons vary in offer from cash or fuel gift cards to product package upgrades. Quantity mailed ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 pieces depending on the type of campaign and the target market of the dealership. Response rates were reported at six times that of their standard post card or letter mail campaigns with comparable offers.
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