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About Us

Since 1992, Tom Becker has been CEO and President of Imageworks Manufacturing, Inc. a print solutions company, specializing in printing on metal and plastics. Imageworks Manufacturing developed a unique printing and fulfillment capability that opens new opportunities for direct marketers and advertisers to promote products and services through the U.S. mail system. The proprietary product, called ShipShapes, is so innovative it has caused the U.S. Postal Service to designate a unique category of mail called Customized MarketMail (CMM).

In July 2003, Becker created a new division called ShipShapes to take advantage of CMM, which allows for unique shaped mail to be sent without a box or envelope. Becker created ShipShapes to be printed on a plastic specifically engineered to accept ink, while providing a high gloss finish. They are designed to flex without creasing and will retain shape after coming out of the mailbox.

ShipShapes are made by ShipShapes, Inc., a division of Imageworks Mfg., using a specifically engineered plastic that can bend and be die-cut into unusual shapes. Because it is so durable, it arrives in "ship shape" - hence the name.
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